Two Suggestions That Eco-Conscious People Should Follow When Moving House

The actions you take during a house move have the potential to harm the environment in quite a significant way. However, it is possible to undertake this task in a manner that is fairly eco-friendly. Read on to find out more about how you can do this. Take a greener approach when buying and (then disposing of) your packaging supplies One of the best ways to avoid causing a lot of environmental damage when you move house is to make an effort to be green when purchasing and disposing of your packaging supplies. [Read More]

Four Steps to Help Move Your Pool Table

The best way to make sure a house move goes smoothly is to plan, plan and then plan some more. As someone who is about to move house in a few weeks, you are likely well underway with your packing and ticking off your to-do list. However, have you given any thought yet to how you will tackle packing up your pool table? Since this common household item does not fit neatly into a box, you need to give this object some extra thought before it goes on the furniture removalist's truck. [Read More]

Two important actions to take when moving house if you are a wheelchair user

Moving house can be a lot more challenging if you are a wheelchair user. If you use this medical device and are due to move soon, there are a few important actions you must take to ensure that you don't experience any major problems on the day that you move. Read on to find out more. Take spare wheelchair components to the property in your own bag If you will be travelling to the new property in your own vehicle instead of in the removals van, you should ensure that all of your spare wheelchair components (e. [Read More]

Types of Self-Storage Units

There is a growing trend towards the use of self-storage units in Australia. With a variety of self-storage facilities, finding a unit that suits your storage needs can be difficult. There are different types of self-storage, including: 1. Climate-controlled storage This type of self-storage is useful for storing antiques, photographs, art, furniture and other goods that require protection from the elements. These units control the climate within the storage unit, preventing the accumulation of moisture especially during the hot summer months in Australia. [Read More]