How To Interview Your Commercial Removalist

Finding a commercial removalist can be a challenging task. It is especially so since most removalists specialise in residential moves. Below is an extract discussing how to interview a commercial removalist. Hopefully, it will help you choose a reasonably priced removalist that understands your business needs. 

What Is Your Availability?

Unlike residential moves, a commercial move could take a few days. Therefore, you should inquire about the removalist's availability. A removalist that leaves the work halfway done will significantly interrupt your business operations. Inquire about the removalist's operating area. Remember, some removalists operate within a specified geographical area. 

Do You Have The Required Trucks And Personnel? 

Your business will have a lot of furniture and electronics. Therefore, you should visit the removalist's premises to determine if they have the trucks and removals equipment required to move your office. For instance, the removalist could need a forklift to ease the loading and offloading of bulky furniture and appliances. They reduce the number of trips that the removalist will make between your old and new premises. The removalist should have skilled personnel to pack your items, dismantle and load furniture

What Services Will You Provide? 

Below are the essential services that a commercial removalist should provide: 

  • The removalist should clean your new premises in readiness for occupation.
  • Consider removalists who are ready to work at night. Remember, the removals could take longer than expected.
  • The removalist should have a team of experienced electricians to disconnect electrical devices, remove and install wiring to servers, alarms, and CCTV cameras in your new premises.
  • The removalist should help arrange your new premises.
  • You could need a removalist that offers temporary storage. It is an essential service if all your items cannot be arranged in a single day. 

What Are Your Terms? 

One of your immediate concerns would be the client's responsibilities. Commercial removalists try to make the move as stress-free as possible. Therefore, they will conduct an initial inspection and advice how you should prepare for the move. For example, the removalist will ask you to arrange all your business documents in an organised manner. Confidential documents should be separated and transported by a security company. The removalist should inform you of the terms of the removal insurance cover. For instance, does it have a limit? Will the cover compensate you for a new item or the value of the damaged item? Additionally, it would be wise to assess the removalist's dispute resolution system.

When choosing a commercial removalist, assess their availability, the removal trucks and personnel, available services and the terms of the contract.

Reach out to a commercial removalist in your area for more information.