A Guide On Removal Terms And Conditions

When hiring a removal company, most clients will be keen to examine the pricing of various furniture removalists. However, they forget to check the terms and conditions of the removalist. As a result, they suffer penalties or get into conflict with their furniture removalists. This guide discusses some of the things you should look out for before signing a removals contract. 

Area Of Operation

Your immediate task should be to find out whether the removalist delivers goods to your preferred destination. For example, while some removalists provide local removals, others will offer interstate and international removal services. 

Available Services

Removalists offer a wide range of services. As a client, you would want to know which services are free and which ones attract a fee. For example, some removalists will conduct a home inspection, pack your items, load up the truck and unload your items into your new home for free. You may have to pay an additional fee if you want the professional to clean your new home or unpack and arrange your items. Extra services such as storage and removals insurance come at a fee. When moving interstate or to another country, inquire whether the removal fees are inclusive of government permits. 

Removals Equipment

Some customers opt to hire removal equipment such as portable storage containers and removal vans. If this is your case, you must evaluate the terms of hire. For example, most removalists will ask you to disclose where you intend to take the container or van. They will require you to inform them in advance if you wish to make changes to your initial arrangement. The company could also ask you to repair the container or van if you intentionally damage the equipment. 


Removalists will impose penalties if you do not honour the removal agreement. For instance, they could fine you if you cancel the contract without due cause or if you make late payments. Additionally, you risk fines if you are not available on the removals date, if you do not give full disclosures regarding what you want to move, or if the home's design complicates the removal process. For example, if you live on the upper floors or your home has narrow hallways or exits, your move may cost extra. 

Customer Obligations

Furniture removals is a collaborative process between the removalist and the client. As such, your removalist could allocate some responsibilities to smoothen the process. For instance, he or she could ask you to organise a house inspection to allow him or her to assess and appraise your items. Additionally, the removalist could ask you to move pets and valuables. 

When assessing a removalist's terms, check their area of operation, the available services, the conditions of hiring removal equipment, penalties, and customer obligations.