A Guide On International Furniture Removals

Executing an international furniture removal is no easy task. It is especially so if you intend to move within a few weeks. Read this guide for some tips on how to move your home or office to another country. 

Personal Considerations

Start the process by ensuring you have the proper permits to access the other country. Preferably, visit your new home before moving from your old home. Prepare the house for removals. For instance, you could clean the property and ensure it has basic amenities such as water and electricity. If this is not possible, ask your real estate agent to help prepare the property. Some people will opt to stay in a hotel before they can find suitable accommodation. If this is your case, find a storage unit to store your items before finding a house. The storage facility should be conveniently located. Besides, it should have adequate security.

Work With An Experienced Removalist

Your removalist should be licenced and experienced to conduct international removals. The removalist will: 

  • Assess your home and current situation and provide advice on suitable transport. For instance, you could transport essential commodities via air and bulky items such as furniture and electronics via rail or sea.
  • Inform you of customs laws in the foreign country. For instance, some countries will prohibit the import of certain electronics and furniture.
  • Help you prepare your items for customs inspections. For example, if you intend to move into Australia, household items should be thoroughly cleaned and free of biosecurity threats such as pests and mould.
  • Help you choose appropriate packaging methods. For instance, wooden items should be wrapped to protect them from humidity at sea.
  • Once your items arrive abroad, the removalist will organise and transport to your new premises. Besides, he or she will help you unpack your goods. 

Execution Tips 

Your removalist will help you create a removals transport plan. It details when the removalist will begin packing your goods, when the removals team will arrive at the port or airport, the details of the ship or aeroplane used, how long your products will take at customs and when you should receive your consignment. The removalist will also guide you on how to transport pets and valuable items such as paintings and cash. For example, you may need a special permit if you intend to carry your dog or cat to the foreign country.  

International furniture removals should no longer be a difficult task. As a rule, your items should have adequate insurance coverage. It prevents losses and blame games in case some items get damaged during transport.