Two important actions to take when moving house if you are a wheelchair user

Moving house can be a lot more challenging if you are a wheelchair user. If you use this medical device and are due to move soon, there are a few important actions you must take to ensure that you don't experience any major problems on the day that you move. Read on to find out more.

Take spare wheelchair components to the property in your own bag

If you will be travelling to the new property in your own vehicle instead of in the removals van, you should ensure that all of your spare wheelchair components (e.g. spare wheels, arm pads, footrests, etc.) are packed in the bag that you will be taking with you in your own car.

If you put these spare parts into the removals van and you are unlucky enough to accidentally damage your wheelchair after the removals van has already driven away (for example, if you push the chair over a nail on the floor and this causes one of the tyres to burst), then the journey to the new property could be very difficult.

Not having access to a spare tyre in this situation would render your wheelchair unusable, which could lead to two problems. First, you might not be able to do all of the last-minute cleaning and packing jobs you had intended to carry out just before leaving the old house.

Second, you might have to call some friends or relatives and ask them to carry you from the current house into the car and then into the new property. This could make the house move all the more stressful. As such, you must ensure that your chair's spare parts are not taken in the removals van.

Provide the removalists with detailed instructions about where to leave the boxes they carry into the new property

When talking to the removalists, you should provide them with a very detailed set of instructions regarding where they should leave the boxes that they carry into the new property.

For example, you should tell them not to make the piles of boxes too tall, as this may result in you being unable to reach the boxes that are on the top of these piles. Additionally, you should tell them to place the boxes and furniture on the floors in such a way that there is plenty of space between them for you to use when moving around the house in your wheelchair.

Finally, if you have an electric wheelchair, you should advise the removalists to put the boxes away from the plug sockets in each of the property's rooms so that you can easily charge your chair without having to move heavy boxes, chairs or tables out of the way first.

For more information, contact some removalists near you.