Four Steps to Help Move Your Pool Table

The best way to make sure a house move goes smoothly is to plan, plan and then plan some more. As someone who is about to move house in a few weeks, you are likely well underway with your packing and ticking off your to-do list. However, have you given any thought yet to how you will tackle packing up your pool table? Since this common household item does not fit neatly into a box, you need to give this object some extra thought before it goes on the furniture removalist's truck. Here are four steps to help you move your pool table easily and without damage.

1. Advise the Furniture Removalist

With objects like pianos, pool tables and grandfather clocks, it is always prudent to give your furniture removalist warning that this type of household object is moving with your belongings. By giving them a warning, they can be sure to stock the truck with extra moving blankets to wrap around this large item to protect it from damage during the journey.

2. Remove Pool Table Pockets

There are six pockets which the pool balls sink into, and these are often attached to the underside of the table by screws. Unscrew the pool ball pockets to prevent them from being damaged when the table is wrapped up for transport. Store the pool ball pockets, the screws, the pool balls and any other small pool table paraphernalia all in the same box so you know that they are located all together after the move is complete.

3. Remove the Legs

You are going to need the help of at least one other adult for this next step, which is the removal of the pool table legs. Leaving the legs on the pool table makes it difficult to maneuver through doorways. The legs also add additional weight to the table, so removing them makes it lighter to carry. Turn the table upside down and use a screwdriver to remove the screws attaching the legs to the table. Place the leg screws with the rest of the pool table accessories so you know where to find them.

4. Wrap the Table In Moving Blankets

Once the furniture removalist arrives on moving day, the last task is to wrap the pool table with moving blankets and then use packing tape or moving straps to hold these in place while the table is on the truck. Be sure to wrap the legs separately rather than placing them on the felt of the tabletop as you don't want to damage the felt.

Using these four steps, you can pack your pool table onto the moving truck without being stressed it will get damaged during the transition to your new home.