Types of Self-Storage Units

There is a growing trend towards the use of self-storage units in Australia. With a variety of self-storage facilities, finding a unit that suits your storage needs can be difficult. There are different types of self-storage, including:

1. Climate-controlled storage

This type of self-storage is useful for storing antiques, photographs, art, furniture and other goods that require protection from the elements. These units control the climate within the storage unit, preventing the accumulation of moisture especially during the hot summer months in Australia. They control the temperature, humidity and dust levels in a unit and prevent the growth of mould and mildew. Climate-controlled units also offer protection against infestation of rodents and bugs.

2. Business storage

Self-storage is a convenient method of storing inventory for business with insufficient space. By storing inventory and equipment off-site, you avoid the need of acquiring more office space, which is expensive in comparison to renting a storage unit. Most storage facilities have business storage units provided with file boxes for storing whatever you need to declutter your office.

3. Outdoor storage

It is the most popular type of storage units and the most cost-effective. They do not have a climate-control option but offer full-time access and security. They are convenient for items that can withstand the elements. Storage units are usually separated by wire mesh. They come in different sizes depending on what you want to store.

4. Indoor storage

As the name suggests, they are located inside a building. They are available in a range of sizes to suit different storage needs. Companies that offer this storage may provide you with dollies to facilitate easy moving of items into the unit. Indoor storage units may offer the option of climate control should you need to store sensitive items. They are the most secure type of storage, as they require a password or keycard to access the building.

5. Mobile self-storage

This type of self-storage is convenient as they allow you to store your belongings on a portable truck. They are available for use both short- and long-term. You can use this type of self-storage when you are renovating your home. They are also suitable for moving, allowing you to sort your stuff at your own pace and have the container delivered to your new home. They are, however, not climate-controlled, and you may need to give prior notice to access your goods when it is in storage.