Two Suggestions That Eco-Conscious People Should Follow When Moving House

The actions you take during a house move have the potential to harm the environment in quite a significant way. However, it is possible to undertake this task in a manner that is fairly eco-friendly. Read on to find out more about how you can do this.

Take a greener approach when buying and (then disposing of) your packaging supplies

One of the best ways to avoid causing a lot of environmental damage when you move house is to make an effort to be green when purchasing and disposing of your packaging supplies. For example, if you need to use packing peanuts in the boxes that contain items like your television and computer monitor to prevent these items from shattering whilst they are en route, then you should opt for dissolvable packing peanuts that disintegrate upon contact with water. These peanuts are normally made from a type of food-based starch and so will not pollute the water into which they are thrown.

Additionally, if your new house has space for a compost heap (or if you know someone who has one on their property), you can break up your cardboard boxes after you're done using them and then put them into this heap (as most types of cardboard are suitable for composting). If you take this approach, it might also be worth buying compostable sticky tape so that you don't have to remove any plastic sticky tape from the boxes before throwing them into the compost pile.

For more information, reach out to providers of packaging supplies.

Minimise the number of road journeys you make

Another key action that you should take if you want to be eco-friendly when you move is to ensure that everything you own gets transported in as few trips as possible. The reason for this is that any road journey you take in a motor vehicle (whether it's your own car or a moving van) will result in the emission of pollutants. As such, by minimising the number of road journeys you make between your old property and the new one, you can reduce the number of pollutants that your vehicle (or the one you rent) emits.

Depending on your circumstances, taking this step might require you to hire a bigger moving van or might involve you having to give away a few of your bulkier, extraneous items that you will not be able to squeeze into your own vehicle alongside your other essential possessions.