How to Prepare a Vintage Tea Set For Storage

If you are placing your belongings into storage and you are the owner of a vintage tea set, you will want to ensure that it is kept as safe as possible. Below is a guide to how to pack a vintage tea set for storage.

Wrap the tea set

The first step is preparing the different components of your tea set. You should use packing paper to fill in any hollow spaces within the teapots and teacups. Doing so reduces the chance of accidental breakage. You should then wrap the saucers, teapot covers, teapots and teacups in sheets of packing paper. 

Each part of the tea set should be individually wrapped to prevent any friction which may be caused by items rubbing up against each other. This friction could cause damage. Finally, you should cover each item in a layer of bubble wrap to prevent damage which would be caused if the box was dropped. You should pay particular attention to the spout of the teapot as this is an area which is very vulnerable.

Use the right size of box

If the box you use is too small you will have to cram the different parts of the tea set into the box, increasing the chance that they will be damaged. While it is important the box you select can easily accommodate all of the different components of the tea set, it is also very important that the box is not too big. If the box is too large, the items within it could slide around during transportation and storage causing them to become damaged.

Place the items in the box

Next, place some crumpled up packing paper on the bottom of the box to form a cushioned base. This base will help to prevent any pieces of the tea set from damage if the box is dropped onto the ground. You can then place the cups, saucers and other components of the tea set into the box. You should fill the empty space around each item with more crumpled up packing paper to ensure a snug fit. 

Seal and mark the box

Finally, you should seal up the box using heavy-duty packing tape. You should also clearly mark the box as fragile so that the storage contractors know that they must be careful when handling it.

By following these instructions, you can ensure that your vintage tea set is stored in top condition. For more information about self-storage, you should contact a storage company today.