Preparing Your Office Furniture for Moving

Furniture is one of the most important assets in your office, and that is why it deserves special attention when you are preparing to change office. The reason is that preparing your furniture will not just protect it from possible breakage but it will also make it easy to settle in your new office. Additionally, adequate preparation will give your moving company easy time as they will be loading these pieces of furniture onto the trucks. The remaining sections of this post will discuss what you need to do to get your furniture ready for that relocation day.

Disassembling the furniture

One of the first things you need to handle carefully is the dismantling your furniture. You need to get your workers to dismantle all the parts of the furniture that need to be dismantled such as shelves. After you have done the dismantling, you have to ensure that you place all the screws and bolts in proper bags. The reason here is that the day you will be settling in your new office, you will save yourself the hassles of looking for lost screws to set up your furniture again. When you do this, you will make it easy for your movers to do their job and you will also save your business some cash if you are using a mover who charges per hour.

Emptying the drawers

Another preparation you need to make before that relocation day is emptying all the drawers. The reason for emptying the drawers is not just hinged on safety but also the convenience of moving. If you allow your office materials to remain in the drawers, this will make them bulkier for the movers to carry them. Additionally, loaded drawers can also pose a possibility of injury to the people who will be moving them. Lastly, if you don't empty the drawers, you will present your movers with an extra job, and this will also attract an extra payment.

Prepare the chairs last

This section echoes the reality of proper planning where you sit and plan what item you need to prepare and the appropriate time. You need to prepare your chairs last because your staff will need them to perform the other preparations as you wait to relocate to your new office. Additionally, the chairs will enter the truck last and leave first because your staff will need to use them to arrange the other furniture when you get the new office.

For more tips, contact a furniture removals company.