Two tips for first-time users of furniture removalists' services

Here are two tips for first-time users of furniture removalists' services.

You should use the removalists' furniture disassembly and reassembly service

Some furniture removalists provide furniture disassembly and reassembly services. If a person's chosen removalist offers this service, they should avail of it, instead of doing this part of the moving process themselves. The main reason for this is that it will be safer. If for example, a person tries to take apart a big wardrobe by themselves, one of its large panels could fall on them as they remove it. Likewise, if they disassemble a large dining table in the wrong way (for example, if they don't lay the table upside down before unscrewing the legs, but instead try to take off each leg whilst the table is in its upright position), the table could collapse and land on one of their feet. If however, there are several trained and strong furniture removalists disassembling a big piece of furniture, not only will they not make these disassembly errors, but they'll also be strong enough to hold the partly-disassembled furniture in place whilst it's unstable so it doesn't hurt anyone.

Additionally, if the furniture removalists reassemble the furniture after they transport it for their client, the likelihood of it being damaged during this process will be far lower than if the client did this task themselves. This is because experienced removalists won't make blunders like, for instance, laying a disassembled tabletop on a rough floor surface when putting its legs back on (which could scratch the tabletop).

You should not try to move any large furniture you can't disassemble

If a person has large furniture that they can't disassemble, they should not try to move it from its current position before their removalists arrive. They might be tempted to do this if, for example, they need to clean the floor under the furniture before they move or if they want to get the furniture out of a particular room so they can use the floor space for packing their boxes.

The reason they shouldn't do this is that without the appropriate moving equipment, they might damage their current property's floors. For example, if they try to push these heavy items across their floors because they can't carry them, the friction created by the furniture's feet rubbing against the flooring might scratch any hard floors and cause any carpets it's pushed across to tear. Conversely, furniture removalists will always place furniture sliders under the feet of any furniture that is too heavy for them to keep lifted off the floor whilst they're moving it; these low-friction sliders protect both the floors across which the furniture is pushed as well as the base of the furniture's feet.

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