How To Prepare For A Residential Move

The relocation process can be stressful, but having a removal company handle your relocation can prevent some problems. A removals company handles your packing, loading and unloading tasks. This piece discusses some vital functions you can accomplish while you await the removal company. 

Make an inventory 

An inventory is a list of items in your house or storage. This list shows the name, quantity and slight description of the things. You may also classify these items depending on their size and compatibility with each other during packing and transportation. You can take time to prepare the inventory list since it will help you make decisions throughout the relocation process.

The removals company uses your inventory list to confirm they packed all your items. This list also helps you determine the things to move into your new home and the ones you can put in storage units. You may also use the inventory list to confirm that no items remain in the house or moving vehicle after relocation. 

Sort out your items

If you live in a place for an extended period, you might accumulate many items. Some things in your garage or home only consume space and could substantially increase the time and money needed when relocating. Remember, the removal company charges you based on the load. Hence, always sort out the items and identify the ones you require when you relocate.

The sorting process can help you organise a garage sale to dispose of different items which you barely use or require. You may also consider donating to charity or giving your neighbours specific things you no longer need. In the end, you may dispose of damaged or useless items which you cannot sell, repair or donate. Hence, ensure you thoroughly sort everything. 

Get appraisals

Some of the items in your house need an appraisal. The appraisal document should show their value and describe details that help the insurer ascertain their authenticity. For example, you may have rare utensils, paintings or sculptures with immense monetary value. The removals company might request an appraisal document to insure such items from damage or loss. 

Some of the antique or precious items require special handling. For example, the removal company covers artwork with a sheet of cardboard on each side to prevent it from bending. The moving crew then wraps the entire painting with tape. Still, these tactics cannot protect the item from theft or car accidents. Hence, consistently appraise the item for insurance purposes. 

Some of the main roles you can accomplish before the removal company arrives include making an inventory, sorting out your items and getting appraisals.

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