Two signs that you need to hire a residential furniture removalist

If you're unsure if you'll require a residential furniture removalist for your house move, here are some signs that you would find their services helpful.

You own some very big furniture items

The bigger your furniture items are, the more likely it is that you'll need to use a residential furniture removal service. The reason for this is that big furniture requires more physical strength, experience and thoughtfulness to transport without breaking it. For example, if you own a seven-seater corner sofa that cannot be disassembled, you'll find it hard to move this without some assistance, as you'll need to know how to turn it to just the right angle to make it fit through the doors of the old and the new properties, without the fabric catching and tearing on the door frame, and will need the strength to lift it into your vehicle.

If you don't have any lifting tools and have no experience with transporting big furniture items like this, there is a good chance that you would drop the sofa or tear its upholstery, or worse still, carry it in a way that leads to it breaking (for example, if you grip the back of the sofa without holding the base of it, and the sofa is fragile, this could lead to the back partially detaching from the base).

Furniture removalists move large furniture items all the time and so can quickly work out what angle items such as corner sofas need to be positioned to fit through certain doors or whether they'll have to be removed via large windows instead. They'll also know how to safely hold furniture items so they don't break, as described above, and finally, will have a collection of lifting tools at their disposal that will aid them in carrying heavier furniture without it dropping.

You're unable to spread the removal of the furniture out over the course of several days

People often underestimate how long it can take to move their own furniture collections by themselves. The process of transporting a couple of king-size beds, a few bookcases, tables, chairs, sofas and wardrobes without help often has to be done over the course of two or three days, particularly when the person who is moving also has lots of other possessions they have to transport.

If you don't have the time to spread the furniture removal work over three days or so because you have other responsibilities, then it's best to get a furniture removalist involved. They'll be able to move the furniture far quicker than you and your friends or relatives could, as they'll be able to rapidly disassemble items, quickly work out how to get them through doorways and will be able to load and unload them faster, due to having lifting tools that will make the furniture less physically burdensome to carry.

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