Uses and Modifications for Shipping Containers

As you probably know, shipping containers are just large, empty metal boxes, used for transporting items overseas or by railcar, or used to ship bulky items that are otherwise difficult to transport. These containers are often very affordable, while still incredibly strong and durable, which is why these containers are often good for many purposes other than just shipping! If you're in the market for a remote office, storage space, workshop, or even living quarters, note how shipping containers can be modified and what new features might be added to accommodate a wide variety of needs and uses.


Since a shipping container is exposed to saltwater and high humidity levels while in transit, it is made to resist rust and other such corrosion. This makes a shipping container a good choice for a portable toilet or kitchen; you can add exterior freshwater, grey water, and black water tanks, run plumbing pipes through the walls of the container, and then install sinks or toilets as needed. The metal floor of the container can even be drilled for a drain, in case of plumbing leaks or spills, and ventilation fans can also be added to the ceiling or walls, to reduce trapped odours and humidity.


Shipping containers are great storage options for just about any inventory you have, and they can even help you to stay organized. For example, you might have several storage containers stacked on top of each other, and then add exterior stairs. This can help keep items separated and organized, and make them accessible without needing a forklift to reach high shelves, such as would be needed in a warehouse.

Temporary and offsite housing

The solid structure of a shipping container actually makes it a good choice for temporary housing or sleeping quarters. Soft flooring can be added to the container's interior, along with insulation, a heater and air conditioner and windows for necessary egress. Shipping containers are tall enough to accommodate bunk beds, doubling the sleeping space inside. As said, you can also stack containers on top of each other and create kitchen or bathroom areas in containers, so you can then provide all the living space needed for offsite workers, miners, and the like. Also, because containers can be transported on the back of a truck, you can then move this housing from one jobsite to another, without having to worry about finding accommodations for workers at every jobsite you manage.

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