How the Konmari method can make moving out easier

You've found a perfect new place, and you're ready to contact a removal service. You take a look around and start thinking about how to pack your stuff…but have you thought that you don't need to take everything with you?

Moving out is a fresh start and a perfect occasion to let go of things, and letting go is easier with the Konmari method. Now that you're moving, it's the right time to sort, donate and toss. One box less might make the difference in your new home!

Take a look around, and ask yourself the following questions used by the Konmari method:  

1. Does the item serve a purpose? If so, do you have similar items in your house, and can you do without them?

Let's say you have a coffee machine that you use, but also the old one that you've replaced, sitting in a cupboard collecting dust. Do you really need to bring two with you?

Another example: let's say you have several bedding sets, or several cooking pans of the same type. Do you really need all of them? Are they all in good shape? Do you have duplicates?

Donate duplicates and items that are 'just in case'.

2. Does the item fit with your new lifestyle?

Picture the perfect home…now, open your eyes and see if what you already have fits it. Moving is the perfect time to start building up the home aesthetic you always wanted! Toss or donate what doesn't fit your vision, and don't feel bad about letting go.

Ask yourself this question with each piece of furniture and decorative item.

3. Does it bring you joy?

Some things are necessary regardless of your feelings towards them – like your toothbrush, or your cat's litter tray. Other items, however, are not, and you can declutter by studying how you feel about them. Your clothes, for example. Why take four boxes of clothes with you in your new house, when you could take two? Make three piles: keep, donate and toss. Be ruthless and think how often you've worn the item, if it makes you happy, if you have similar ones or if it's damaged beyond repair, and sort accordingly.

Let go of gifts that have collected dust and you're keeping 'just because'…and if someone asks about them later, you can say it got 'lost' during the move.  

Waiting for your removal service? Keep the Konmari method in mind!

In the end, after all the sorting, you will have a lesser load to take with you, which will not only make packing easier, but also lower your removal costs.