3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Flooring When You Move

When you're moving out of your current house and into your new one, it's important to avoid scratching the wooden flooring. Whether you're a renter or you're selling your home to someone else, the person residing in your home after you will not appreciate scuffs and dents in the hardwood that weren't there initially. Here are 3 easy ways to protect your wood flooring when you move.

Use Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders (also known as furniture feet, furniture movers, and furniture gliders) are one of the best ways to protect your flooring when you're moving furniture out of your house. Sliders are small plastic or rubber disks that you can attach to the legs of your tables, chairs, dressers, and any other furniture. Some sliders screw in, but the sliders with adhesive backing are the most convenient for a move as they can be affixed at short notice. As the name suggests, sliders slide across hardwood flooring with minimal friction, protecting your flooring from scratches and scrapes. If your funds don't allow for sliders, you can also use the soft side of adhesive Velcro or cut-open tennis balls to do the same job.

Cover Your Flooring

Not every piece of furniture can have sliders affixed to it. Sometimes, instead of tackling the problem from the furniture side, you'll need to tackle it from the floor side by covering your flooring. There are multiple ways to cover your wood floors on moving day. The cheapest method is to tape thick cardboard (you can dismantle some of your moving boxes for a quick fix) the floor before you move furniture. If you have a little more money to spare, you can buy special protective plywood sheeting to do the same job. If your hardwood flooring is currently carpeted over and you'll be getting rid of the carpet when you move, leave the carpet removal until last so you can use it as a protective barrier. If you have any other old carpet lying around, it can also be used to cover a wood floor. 

Use a Furniture Moving Dolly

A furniture mover or furniture dolly is a wheeled board, sometimes with a handle, which is used to move furniture around a room. These tools are specially made to move furniture without causing damage to wooden floors. Some systems can also lift the furniture too, further minimising damage. Aside from reducing wood flooring damage, dollies make the furniture process easier on your body.

Using a good furniture removals company is the best way to reduce flooring damage. Many removals companies have their own protective coverings and dollies which they'll use to move furniture out of your home. Those who don't are experienced in lifting and manoeuvring everything from wardrobes to tables without leaving a scratch.