Five Heavy Items You Should Replace to Make Removals Easier: Tips for People Who Move Frequently

If you move a lot for your job or simply because you like to explore new places, you know what hard work moving house can be. To make it easier, you should keep removals in mind whenever you shop for new things for your home. If possible, you may even want to phase out some of your heavy possessions and replace them with things that are lighter to move.

There are a number of things you can target. Here are some items to replace if you move often and want to make the process as easy as possible:

1. Sofa beds

Sofa beds offer a convenient place for guests to sleep, but they can also be extremely heavy. Sofas with metal frame beds tucked inside them weigh considerably more than regular sofas. In addition, when tipping up sofa beds to move them, their frames frequently fall out, making them awkward to move and increasing the risk of scratching walls or damaging floors.

Instead of moving your old sofa bed, consider replacing it with guest sleeping options that are more lightweight. Futons with lightweight wood frames are typically lighter than sofa beds. Alternatively, for something truly easy to lift, consider investing in a fabric-covered foam chair or couch that folds out into a floor mattress. If you really want to make removals easy, get rid of the sofa bed and buy an air mattress or folding cot.

2. Mattresses

Just as sofa beds are heavy to move, so too are mattresses. If you are in the market for a new mattress, keep your frequent moves in mind as you select it. According to some analysts, the most lightweight mattresses are futon, air and innerspring mattresses. Latex and water beds tend to be the heaviest.

In addition to keeping weight in mind, also look for features that make mattresses easier to move. In particular, you want handles along all four sides to facilitate pulling and lifting.

3. TVs

Old TVs are considerably heavier than new models. If you have a TV from a decade or two ago, consider getting rid of it and upgrading to a flat screen. That will improve your watching experience and make your next move easier. Keep in mind old bulky TVs practically require two people to lift them, but in contrast, even large flat screens can be picked up by one person using just one hand.

While upgrading your TV, also consider getting rid of bulky TV stands. Replace them with mounting hardware to put your TV on the wall. It makes installation a bit more time consuming, as hanging something on a wall takes more time than just placing it on a stand, but it makes moving easier due to the reduced weight.

For more tips on moving heavy objects or replacing your heavy objects with more lightweight possessions, contact a removals company.